Best Social Media Listening Tools 2021 – Phil Pallen

In this video, I explain what social listening is—a newer term in marketing—as well as provide my favorite tool for search listening. In short, search listening helps you listen to and understand the online conversation about your brand. Answer The Public is a great free tool for market research. For more, check out my podcast episode with Sophie Coley, linked below.


Phil deconstructs digital marketing and social media to empower leaders, corporations, employees, and entrepreneurs. His insights have been featured in media outlets around the world, including CNN, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and The Daily Mail, to name a few. Phil has worked with hundreds of brands across all industries, including a Shark on Shark Tank, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, politicians, and some of the most important names in entertainment. He frequently speaks at conferences in cities all over the globe, including London, Tokyo, Dubai, Cairo, São Paulo, Medellín, Auckland, Helsinki, and Los Angeles.








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Using Your MacBook With An External Monitor

MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is an outstanding machine to possess. The powerful CPU with the long battery life is all that a person can request. But the inquiry is, would certainly you like to utilize it with a tiny monitor when you are at home?

Home Studio Design

The increase of modern technology has brought with it the ability for people to work in many locations beyond the workplace. One place in particular that has ended up being significantly popular is the home. Having the ability to establish a house studio is something that lots of experts require to either learn just how to do or pay a person to do it.

All Thanks to Technology Which Is Taking Over

If there was any type of doubt that computer systems and also modern technology are taking control of the lives of people throughout the globe, daily’s activities have eliminated it. However, everyone should confess that modern technology makes individuals better and also more well-informed in a selection of areas. On the other hand, stats show that 65% of the world customers are spending more time with their computers than with their beloved and nearby.

How to Handle Slow Shutdown of Your PC

Does your system require time to close down because of one reason or the other? Well, there are numerous reasons for this yet it’s feasible to minimize system closure time. This post explains the checklist that can be used to repair and also solve this problem.

HP ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j000 Select Edition – Great Notebook With Good Memory Expandability and More

Seeking a laptop computer with a spectacular display and also excellent graphics performance? HP is always the brand to try to find when it pertains to outstanding laptop computers – especially the ENVY series. Among the very best alternatives is the HP ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j000 Select Version. It comes with every little thing you would anticipate from a desktop computer, let alone a laptop computer. Due to this it makes an excellent desktop replacement.

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