EXPOSING Logan Paul’s Latest NFT Launch (99 Originals)

EXPOSING Logan Paul’s Latest NFT Launch (99 Originals)

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‘Coming April 18…
📸 99 Original, 1/1 Polaroids by LP ► https://originals.com
On August 21, 2021, I was thrust into a creative maelstrom that tied together every piece of my life in the past, present, and future. The following 99 days would cultivate the most transformative journey of my life…

I pushed myself to the furthest mental and physical depths while trekking 84,029 miles around the globe with a Polaroid camera.

During that time, I broke bones, witnessed miracles, nearly severed my family, experienced substance addiction, travelled with the world’s wealthiest, fell in love (more than once), lived dangerously in the present, and concluded with 99 of the most significant moments of my life captured on tangible film.

This is the story of 99 Originals.’

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