How To Actually Make $10k/m With Your Instagram (2021 Strategy)

Tired of all those gurus trying to teach you how to make money on social media with vague claims?

0:00 – Tired of “Gurus” Teaching Actually Nothing?
0:45 – How I Make Money With My Instagram & YouTube (Personal Brand)
1:55 – The First Step To $10,000
2:56 – Why Followers ≠ Money. Influencer vs Entrepreneur
5:19 – The Truth About Funnels & Why You Need Them
7:33 – Creating A Compelling Offer With Ease
9:18 – How To Create An Offer That Makes $$$
10:41 – Creating A Product That Your Followers WILL Buy
12:59 – The Perpetual Sales Machine of Instagram/YouTube/TikTok
13:58 – The Easy Path To $10,000 With Your Audience
17:31 – Breaking It Down For Your Own Situation To Get Results

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