How to Build a Sales Channel Strategy For Your Online Store

Implementing a multichannel sales strategy has become a requirement for every business. Learn how to choose the right sales channel for your business.

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The strongest brands are the ones that meet customers where they already spend their time.

These businesses offer exceptional commerce experiences and establish strong brand identities. They create resiliency by fully owning their customers and the customer experience, selling to them through an online store that they control.

Getting these elements right first will help you reach previously hard-to-access customers through different sales channels, but with the capability to maintain a strong relationship with them.

We’ll take a deep look into the different types of sales channels and how you can set your business up to be more resilient in the long term.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Introduction
04:57 How to Choose a Sales Channel
07:39 General Marketplace
08:52 Auction Marketplace
10:07 Social Media
11:30 Handmade & Craft Marketplaces
12:43 On-Demand Production Marketplace
14:28 Unique Items Marketplace
15:23 Niche Curated Marketplace
16:31 Subscription Box Service
17:36 Classified Listings Website
19:01 Comparison Shopping Engines
20:15 Daily Deals Sites

► How to Build a Sales Channel Strategy For Your Online Store

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