How to Make $100/Day Using Instagram Reels!

In this video, I’m showing you how I make thousands of dollars per month on Instagram Reels and how you can do the same. IG Reels is Instagram’s newest feature, and mimics TikTok. You don’t need to be famous to make money using Reels, so stay tuned and I’ll show you the many different ways to do it.

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First of all, why Instagram Reels? It’s the easiest ways to get views in my opinion, and getting over 100k views is infinitely easier than on other platforms like YouTube. Also, the time it takes to make on Reels video is much shorter, and you can easily make multiple videos per day in just a couple hours.

There are so many best ways to make money on Instagram. I’ll go through the following ways you can monetize IG Reels and make money from your phone or computer:

1. Ultimate personal brand funnel
2. Sponsored posts
3. Utilize your multiple platforms to get higher rates
4. Sell your own products on Reels
5. Be a manager for other creators on IG Reels
6. Affiliate marketing

If you’re not utilizing Reels right now, then i HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to start doing so. It really is the best ROI for your time right now, especially if you are trying to create an audience. I used IG reels to grow my Instagram account from 5,000 followers to 45,000 in under half a year, and by using these techniques it has created a new source of income for myself.

One of the big goals of IG reels is to also push people to go to your more monetizable platforms like YouTube. In the last year, I’ve built up my YouTube channel to making $300,000+ per year profit!

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I have a FREE mini course that you can check out to see if this course is right for you! So far my students have loved the course and have gotten tons of value out of it.

Happy content creating! Make sure to like this video and subscribe for more videos like this. My whole goal is to help people build wealth in non-traditional ways just like I have 🙂


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