Instagram Marketing 101: Using Hashtags, Stories, and More to Grow Your Business

If the idea of Instagram marketing has you lost, this video can get you started and on the right track to take your business to the next level.

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As far as social media marketing channels go, Instagram has been a major power player for a while. And that’s particularly true for ecommerce businesses that get access to a visual-focused platform with enthusiastic followers and high engagement.

In the past few years, Instagram has grown and evolved at a rate similar to Facebook, adopting new features at a lightning-fast rate and becoming even more valuable to merchants and users alike.

Instagram is a staple of many small businesses’ marketing campaigns. And for good reason. It has a large and diverse audience of over one billion monthly active users and 500 million daily users on Instagram Stories that are happy to engage with brands, resulting in high engagement overall.

In this video, we will go over some Instagram marketing strategy tips that will help your account gain more engagement and send your business soaring.

Here is what we’ll cover:
00:00 Introduction
03:33 Make Content that No One Has Ever Seen Before
06:12 Be Consistent
09:54 Stop Making Selfish Content

► Getting Started on IG: A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

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