No Inventory? No Problem: 13 Low Investment Small Business Ideas

These small-business ideas make a great entry point for anyone and lets you pick up a side business without having to drop everything else.

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The idea of starting a business is exciting. But many ideas require time, money, and risk.

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually many ways to start a business that let you focus less on the logistics and upfront costs and more on getting started.

You still need to come up with a solid idea, build a brand, put effort into marketing, and provide excellent customer service. But there are ways you can bypass many traditional startup costs, such as initial inventory, warehousing, and retail space.

No inventory? No problem. In this video, we will give examples of low-investment business ideas you can start on your own with a small investment.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:48 Start a Charitable Business
02:10 Create Your Own Fashion Boutique
03:07 Start a Pet Business
03:57 Create a Membership Program
05:06 Create a Zine
06:10 Sell Your Digital Artwork

►No Inventory? No Problem: 13 Low-Investment Small Business Ideas
►Big List of Business Ideas:
►Give & Grow Donations App
►Ali Express
►Ali Baba
►Keywords Everywhere

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