Squarespace How To Customize | Phil Pallen

How To Customize Squarespace Website? Phi Pallen

I’ve learned so much in the last year about CSS thanks to Becca Harpain of Inside The Square. In this Instagram Live, we discuss why Squarespace is the perfect solution for busy professionals, how to add custom CSS to your Squarespace site, the limitations of Squarespace, and some of the most popular CSS tutorials for Squarespace (including a few of my client sites in action).

× Cookie bar → https://philp.al/3vKjPPT
× Anchor link → http://philp.al/2OTL6ik
× Image filters → http://philp.al/3cMMXxa

× Leela (http://leelagurukul.com) uses the “Two & Three-column footer” tutorial: https://philp.al/3c8WRu2
× DRC ( http://drcshowroom.com uses 7.1 split layout: http://philp.al/3f8b38J

LEARN CSS FROM BECCA: http://insidethesquare.co/learn

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