Squarespace Tutorial for Beginners (2020 Full Tutorial) – Create A Professional Website | Pallen Co.

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This Squarespace tutorial will teach you everything you need to build a website from scratch on the Squarespace 7.1 platform.

I’ve helped hundreds of people build their websites on Squarespace, including websites for bloggers and creators, websites for consultants and creatives, websites for students and personal sites, and websites for small businesses. Squarespace makes building your own website easy – and I’ll show you how in this comprehensive tutorial.


0:00 Intro
1:35 Why Squarespace
3:28 Who Squarespace is perfect for
6:15 Get started (create your account)
7:34 Choose A layout (No more templates!)
9:38 Dashboard overview

9:56 Settings
– Site availability, member areas
– Language and region, connecting social media accounts, adding permissions
– Domain settings and billing information
– Cookies and blogging
– Advanced settings (APIs, URL mapping, SSL, ‘escape’ key, and more)

16:12 Pages
– Add a logo, customizing the navigation styles (desktop and mobile)
– Pages (blank pages or pre-set page layouts to choose from)
– Adding page content (content types)
– Collections (blog, store, portfolio, and events)
– More content types (folder, link)
– “WYSIWYG” editor, other page settings
– Viewing content on desktop, tablet, and mobile

24:55 Design
– Fonts, colors, animations, and spacing
– Buttons, product items, and image blocks
– Browser icon, lock screen, checkout page, 404 page, access denied page, social sharing
– Custom CSS

38:10 Commerce
– Orders, inventory, customers, and discounts

40:49 Marketing
– SEO, pop-ups, and announcement bar

43:29 Analytics
– Sales, traffic, and popular content

44:32 Profiles
– Quick overview

44:55 Help
– How to ask Squarespace for support

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