The TRUTH About Alex Becker Manipulating Gaming Crypto Markets (The Data)

‘Alex Becker Makes Money Off His Followers!’ ‘He just pumps and dumps on people’ these are comments that we keep getting across both of our channels. So we did some research and checked out the validity behind these claims and whether or not Alex Becker scams his audience.

Main Channel Video:

Alex Becker has been absolutely killing this space, he seemingly has been finding diamonds in the rough over and over and over again, I wanted to take a deep dive into some of the calls he has made on his channel to see whether it’s his influence and whether he ‘Pumps and Dumps’ these coins.

Link to Alex Becker’s Channel :

List of Becker’s Calls:

Of course this is purely educational please do not blindly follow anyones ‘picks’ and make sure you do your own research! Definitely not financial advice.

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