Win A Home Business Setup and Start Your Dream Business

Want a chance to win the ultimate home business setup— so you can bring your business to life?
To enter the giveaway simply visit:

At Shopify, we believe anyone, anywhere can be an entrepreneur—but sometimes a little boost helps. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Elgato and EffyDesk to jumpstart your home business.

The grand prize winner will get a 13″ Macbook Pro, a 1-year Shopify subscription, and a free consultation from a Shopify Expert.

Elgato will also give the winner a Facecam, a Wave 3 Microphone, a Wave Mic arm, a Ring light, a K57 RBG Keyboard, a Dark Core RGB Pro Mouse, and a HS70 Pro Headset.

And if that’s not enough, the winner will also receive a Business Office Desk and an Aery Chair courtesy of EffyDesk.

Your business could even get featured on an official Shopify YouTube video. Shopify will also throw in some free swag, like a hoodie, shirt, and more!

To enter the giveaway, simply go to and complete all three of the following steps:

1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

2. Sign up for our newsletter

3. Refer a friend and win extra prizes

The Winner will be announced on or about October 1st, 2021.

Refer to the Terms and Conditions for a list of rules and full prizes

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